Buying the future

I noticed that many people use the word “experience” in the last 5 years or so on internet. They use the word for something that will happen in the future such as the experience you will get if you buy a smartphone.

This is a new way of using the word because the word “experience” used to mean something that happened in the past.

There is a famous saying of Rockefeller who made a big fortune in Stockmarket in US, ” Experience is a name you put for your past mistakes.”  The general idea was that you should learn from your experience to create the better future.

It was difficult to know the future because of the unpredictable change such as war, government change, famine, virus, diseases, etc. So people used to create the future with their profound desire, love, patriotism, and philosophy. So “what to do” was the question.

Politicians used to debate political philosophies but nowadays politicians mostly negotiate how to distribute money. “How to do” has become the main question.

We have created an international banking system which tries to control the future with technology and military force. So the purpose of everything we do has become to get as much as money in the future. In order to get money in the future, we have to invest money. In other words we buy the future. Those who have more money can buy more future.

We have to know what we are buying and one of the things we buy is the future “experience”.

We have seen that the omni-potent banking system, technology and military force cannot deal with virus. It is time for people to go back to the most basic question which is “What to do” for the future.

8. June 2020