Do not try to change the world

Many people including famous philosophers and professors are talking about changing the world and they are wrong.  Their mistake come from the fact that the world has changed with the use of coal and petrol.

First industrial revolution based on coal only created weapon industry because the extraction of coal from underground was still based on human labour.

The second industrial revolution based on petrol change the world because petrol came out of the ground without human labour and after that combustion engine replaced human labour. This is the change created by the use of material energy. However, use of material energy cannot be continued in the future. Climate change and pollution and the end of petrol production will come inevitably.

It does not mean that we have to change the world. The idea of changing the world is based on use of material energy and only material part of the world can be changed through technology,  Technology cannot solve the problem of the world because it is technology itself which created the problem.

Life cannot be changed. Life can only be created. It is useless to try to change the bad people. The only thing we can do is to wait until bad people die and hope that their children will become good people.

We should try to create the good world instead of trying to change the world.  

Japan had a very highly developed civilisation in 19 century without use of coal or petrol. Then Japan could develop technology based on coal and petrol very quickly. There must be something which can create a bridge between technology and way of life in the Japanese culture.

I always tried to develop Aikido and taught it in  order to create the world for the future.

11. April 2020