Originally, Europe was just a small part of the world but since the time of The Roman Empire, Europe has expanded across the planet; from the American continents; to the African continent; all the way to Australia and places in between. Basically, Europe has dominated the whole world.

Human beings always have a philosophy, and it is necessary, therefore, to understand European philosophy, because this philosophy has also conquered the world.

The basis of European philosophy comes from Christianity. It is the belief in one god and the dualism which follows logically. It is important to know that the modern world is governed by this philosophy. The dualism, we are informed, exists as good or bad; right or wrong, which is then propagated by the church.

The second part of the European philosophy is the declaring of ones right. One must declare ones right, otherwise one loses ones right.

Once, a group of people stayed in Furusato and there was no toilet paper. The group contacted me and asked me if I could buy the toilet paper. I told them that they should have brought the toilet paper, because in Furusato people must bring what they consume. They then replied that I should have told them about this before they travelled.

This is European philosophy; Since I did not tell them to bring toilet paper, it was my fault that they had not brought it.

One can just look at what happened in America. When Europeans sailed to America, the people who were living there did not tell the Europeans that America was their land. So, the Europeans declared that the land, now called America, belonged to Europe and killed anyone who did not accept it.

28. December 2020