Freedom is a wrong idea

The word “freedom”or “liberté” started to be used in the society to revolt against governments which did not allow people to live. That is why people started to fight against government risking their lives.

Now people can live comfortable life with their government so they do not try to fight against government. Politicians in democratic countries have to make people happy to be elected so they use money and desire. They promise more money and more desire. So freedom changed the meaning and it started to mean to do or to say what you want. To do or to say what you want is animal behaviour.

In animal world or in the society of children or childish people, the stronger will punish the weaker so you learn naturally what you should not do or say. In rich countries government prohibit people to punish each other since 50 years so people started to believe that they can do or say what they want. Naturally that creates conflict so government decides what you should not do or say. People now believe that they can do or say anything they like as long as government allow them.

The original meaning of freedom which was a way of fighting against government has become a way of controlling people by government.

1. November 2020