History and Democracy

Most people believe what they learned at school history and unconsciously brainwashed by the media and other people. All human beings are biased and believe in a wrong history. It means everybody is wrong. This truth was know in religions that people should not judge others but follow the judgement of God. Since science has took over religion, many people mistakenly think that they can judge. It is necessary to understand the limit of science. Science and artificial intelligence can only know “how to do” and can never know ”what to do”. Some may argue that AI can tell what to do but AI is always based on the fundamental “what to do” decided by human beings. Since the second industrial revolution with petrol, the world has been pursuing “how to realise” the goal that “one lives as long as possible with as much money as possible”.  This is what all government in the world tried in the crisis of Covid. They had to decide the balance between “live as long as possible” and “as much money as possible.”

All history is a personal opinion of the past and it is impossible to decide the correct history. Each government has to decide what history the school teachers must teach.  That is why everyone is biased. The only way to be free from this brainwashing is to create one’s own history. You must create your own history of yourself, your family, your country and your world so that you can create the world which you believe is good.

History decided by government only justifies the past. It is because they want agreement from others. Politics is basically an activity to get agreement between people. So history must explain the world now since we can agree on the world now.  However, we have to create a better world for the future. So our history should explain the future. Government cannot do it because people do not agree for the future. That is why history accepted  by government is useless to create a better world and that is why each of us must create our own history  of the world which helps us to create the better future.

22. june 2020