Ki Training

Strength of Silence

Silence makes your body strong. However,  you have to understand the difference between therapy and Ki practise.

When you have a problem, you have many thoughts and emotions which disturbs and damages your body. In that case talking about your problems relaxes your body and stop damaging it even though talking makes your body weak. It is the basic of every medicine and physio/psycho therapy. This make your body weaker but help you to get rid of the bigger damage. Typical example is chemotherapy against cancer, But all therapy and treatment makes your body weaker,  some a little bit and some a lot.

Ki training is not a therapy in the sense that the first priority is to keep your body as strong as possible. So you never talk about your problems.

Silence makes your body strong. But it is possible that your thought and emotions may damage your body so you should have a training mentality of making yourself stronger by ensuring hardship. Naturally you should have a strong mind for that.

Yamoka Tessyu was a samurai and a kind of the last Zen master. After him it is not sure that a real Zen master appeared in Japan. He had a son but he did not make his son practise Zen sying that his son is not strong enough. Instead he found him  a job of a gardener of the Emperiil Garden in Tokyo.

Any training requires certain strength of mind and body. I am inventing training methods which requires minimum strength but you should not forget that you always need  certain strength to train yourself.

How can you prevent your thoughts and emotions damage your body. That is seeing your body.


Do not express yourself but communicate

Most people only think to express themselves toward others.

In that case expression does not create communication.

This is the difference between humans and animals. Animals behave based on instinct but humans act based on imagination and education.

Animal languages are made for communication and so they are part of instinct.

Human languages are developed as a way of expressions so they have to be learned from parents.

Humans develop their imaginations through learning languages and so have to learn a correct language to communicate with others.

This is the first step of education.

After school education you should continue to develop both your imagination and language.

You need to define the meaning of each word you use and also create a new word or new definition in order to develop your imagination. That is why you have a right to define word you use and eventually create a new word.

Since humans have imaginations, you should learn to express yourself inside yourself without expressing toward outside.