Last Judgement

When I watch TV, I notice that journalists and politicians are trying to judge if what the government did was good/right or bad/wrong.

If you try to judge what you did in your life, it is normally impossible to know if you did well or not. Of course you sometimes made a mistake but you cannot judge if what you did in a certain period of your life was right or wrong.

Government sometimes/often makes mistakes but it is impossible to judge what it did in a certain period such as one month or one year etc. You can study the world history and you will see that it is impossible to judge different governments except to say that killing without any justification is bad. Since almost all government killed unnecessary, it cannot be used for judgement. If you are interested, study the world history very seriously.

Old wisdom says that only God can judge and even God can judge only at the end of the world.

So what we should do is to imagine the future and create the future all the time. You naturally imagine the past in order to imagine the future.

It is very important to understand that the past is also imagination. Of course there are some undeniable facts in the past but we are always imagining the whole past integrating those facts. No one can say his imagination of the past is absolute or right.

Everyone imagines the future in order to create one’s future.  Everyone should imagine different way. That is why it is useless to discuss or consult others.  You can just learn from other’s imagination to improve your imagination without criticising and judging others.

1. May 2020