Living with pain

If you see the old method of practice all over the world, many methods include to go through the pain. This is not only Japanese method but also in Europe, Africa, America.and other places of the world. It is because people knew how to live with pain those days. Those methods with pain have disappeared completely except in a community where people are trying to preserve the old culture.

Until about 100 years ago, people had to live with pain all over the world but nowadays the pain-killing techniques have developed enormously in science. So young people do not know how to live with pain anymore but only want to get rid of the pain. It is good to have the technology of pain-killing but it is not possible to get rid of the pain completely.

These days many young people suffer from psychological pain. We have to understand that pain-killers are basically bad for health. So it is logical that we should live with as little pain-killers as possible in our lives. That is why I think the painful techniques in Aikido are good to practise and we should try to live with pain as much as possible in our lives.

Seeing thoughts and body helps to live with pain because most people develop more pain with wrong psyche. There are techniques of how to live with pain in daily life. I hope students of Aikido can develop them through the practice of Aikido.

25. april 2020