Ma Ai and distancing

The basic change which Covid created in our society is distancing. Transmission of the virus can be stopped mostly by keeping the distance of 1.50 m between people. This does not change my personal life because this distance corresponds Ma Ai in Aikido and I feel comfortable when everybody respects this Ma Ai.

The society is controlled by military force and not by rich people. “rich” means a lot of money in a society based on money economy. The Mongols who conquered one third of Eurasian continent were very powerful but not rich. Egyptian who had gold and jewels were powerful but not rich.The money economy is based on agriculture society.  Agriculture developed a lot since 13 century and this created the tendency in the world that agriculture society started to destroy the hunting society all over the world. Then rich people started to control military force and consequently the political force.

Ma Ai in Aikido is based on fighting techniques but there was Ma Ai all over the world in a society where rich people are controlling the society. They keep distance between people . especially between rich and poor. The King is sitting higher than others because bacteria and virus mostly propagates from up to down. I think there was a knowledge against danger in the society based on agriculture.

There are two dangers, one  from attack of human beings and the other from attack by bacteria and virus. Both can be avoided a little bit by keeping distance Ma Ai. Hunting people and poor people could not keep distance among people in their society.

Until hundred years ago there was distancing based on how rich you are. The richer, the more distance. This protected rich people from attack from human beings and also from bacteria and virus.

Since hundred years petrol created military force and money. Money used to be based on Gold but since 1970 money is based on petrol and now money is based on military force through the international banking system since 1990. So distancing among rich people and also poor people has disappeared in countries where money economy is highly developed.  That is why even rich people die with Corona virus in  Europe, US and Japan.

Now rich people in US and Europe discovered the danger of virus and the need of distancing. They may created the world of 100 years ago when there was distance between people in rich society and no space to keep distance in poor society. Rich people had a big house with big garden and poor people were living in very small houses. Now most people have a reasonable space for living so public space is getting smaller and smaller. So the distance among people in public space and public transport is not enough. In a country where rich and poor are living separately, even public space and transport are separate.

18. June 2020