Might is Right and Majority is Right

The plants and animals have an instinct of survival. So there are basic instincts and one is “Might is Right” and the next is “Majority is Right”.

Since human beings are also animals, they still have those remaining instincts.  Just like most animals, “Might is Right” used to work also in human world. Those who had military force conquered the world. However, human beings are able to enjoy a better life unlike plants and animals. In order to enjoy a better life, you need slaves so you have to respect “Majority is Right”. This created democracy and it became the dictatorship of Majority.

Those two animal instincts also exist in Aikido world. In the dojo very often people justify their technique by “Might is Right”. If you can do it, it should be right. So a person with more force can justify his technique. Then a big Aikido organisation claims to be right using the idea of “Majority is Right”. This idea develops another idea,”The more, the better”. Most government think “more weapon, better” and “more money, better”.  

However, since 2000 the world economy in term of volume per person has not developed. So there was one of the richest people in the world declared,”Rich people should donate one third of their money to the world.” Of course what he meant was that rich people should spend one third of their money to control the world so that they can remain rich forever.

In Japan there are many young people who started successfully a business with minimum profit. Since the economical condition is difficult all over the world, they prefer to create a stable business with minimum profit to keep their good life running. There is an old proverb in French,”Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” meaning “The better is enemy of the good”. If you put MORE efforts to improve something, it can cause the opposite result.

This derivation “the more, the better” is purely human because plants and animals are happy with just enough and they do not want more than that. That is why this idea of “the more, the better” is destroying the life part of the world.

We have to be careful of those animal instincts which exist in almost all aspects of this world. Humanity developed by going away from animal instincts. Then we also have to understand the mistakes of humanity as well.

25. april 2020