Objective and Subjective

There is a common idea that you have to learn to be objective. This is very European idea and for example in Japan nobody cares about it. I suppose it is because Christianity was controlling everything in Europe and so people used science in order to fight against it. Science is based on objectivity. Since there was no domination of religion in Japan, people did not have to fight against religion in Japan so they are not interested in being objective.

I think European people should learn how to be subjective. Being subjective should not mean to be emotional or narrow minded.  I see you. I am subject and you are object. So if I want to understand you, I have to be objective and I have to be subjective to understand myself.

“Flexible mind” is a concept from objective world basically psychology.  If I see a stone and a cotton. I can see a stone is hard and cotton is soft. But a stone does not know that he is hard. Cotton does not know that he is soft. I do not know if my mind is flexible or rigid. I can see if your mind is flexible or not.

“freedom” is also a concept from objective world. Most Europeans think Europe is free. United Staters think United State is a free country.

If you think and live just like everybody, you think you are free because you do not encounter any conflict. But once you start to think different way or live different way, you will find a lot of obstacle in Europe or United States and you say there is no freedom. As long as there is no conflict or obstacle, you do not know whether you are free or not.

When you live without any conflict inside your mind and body, you do not know if you are free or not. As for the outside world, you always try to understand the world and live inside it so there is never a mental conflict in your life So “free mind” is nonsense.

When you see yourself, there is no conflict. That is all. This is being subjective.

13. April 2020