Slavery means a group of people controls another group of people in order to get profit. Slavery has existed all over the world and it still exist everywhere in different forms.

Most people imagine slavery like black Africans working in a cotton field in America or Africa but that is only one form of slavery. In the beginning of human civilisation which started thousands of years ago, each country had slaves in its own territory.  

If the territory is small like ancient Greek tribes, slaves were foreigners and small Greek population created so called democracy so that its army was consisted of almost all male population. This enabled the society to control the slaves. Later when European countries got civilised, they used their own people as slaves. Rich people used poor people as slaves. This structure was based on money economy and it became necessary to have more silver and gold.

Since 1600 Europeans started to get silver and gold from South America and Africa. At the same time they started to create a new slavery which is called colonisation. There was not enough space in European countries and they kept their slaves outside their countries. Russia and China was a big country so they did not need to import slaves but just continued to use poor people as slaves inside the territory. They needed dictatorship in order to control the poor people who were majority.

After the industrial revolution in Europe, there was a big need for engineers, scientists, teachers, managers, merchants, craftsmen, etc which were not possible for slaves. So the society became democratic so that the whole population was united in order to develop industry and technology. This enabled European countries to develop colonisation in the whole world outside and keep their slaves outside the territory.

Big countries such as Russia, China, and US kept their slaves inside the territory but they had to keep military control of the world in order to get some resources such as metal, diamond, petrol, uranium, etc. In Russia and China poor people work as slaves but in US black people originally imported from Africa work as slaves so it gives psychological problems called racism.

Europe imported slaves since 1960 but there is no need now. So many Europeans want to send them back to their original countries so that all slaves are outside their territory.

In the future technological development make it possible to produce everything with less people. This will create a new slavery inside a country. Those who have no job will become useless slaves who are only allowed to survive.

12. June 2020