The only answer for all questions

There are many questions in this world and human beings. Here is the only answer for all of them. Human brain imagines so human beings cannot see the reality but imagine the world and themselves in order to act. If the imagination is good, they act in a good way. If the imagination is bad, they do bad things. If the imagination is wrong, they make mistakes.

Science is also a system based on imagination and so it cannot understand the reality. Science can only understand a part of the reality which can be measured by machine. That is why science can create very good things and also very bad things.

What can we do about ourselves and the world? The only way is to create more imaginations so that we have a possibility of having better imaginations.

Actually human beings unconsciously knew this and the way was called art.

Art is an activity to create imaginations through expressing them, In the beginning science and mathematics were also arts until the era of Leonardo da Vinci. Later mathematics and science were mainly used only for technology and machines.

Aikido as “Art of Life” is an activity to make one’s life as an art. The whole activity of one’s life must become an art. You must try to understand your own imagination at each moment by knowing what you are doing. Aikido training must help develop this ability.

3. September 2020