The only way to make the world better

Human beings act based on their imaginations. One cannot control one’s imaginations so when one has a bad imagination, one acts bad. If one has a good imagination, one acts good. Since we cannot control our imaginations, we cannot control our acts. So the only way to make the world better is to expand our imaginations by creating harmony in our imaginations. We create art by expressing our imaginations in a harmonious way. So any expression of harmony is good for the world. Normally this harmonious expression is called art but there are many more ways of expressing harmony.

Language is one of the most important human activities. We can create harmony in our language by creating it based on the real world. The whole language must be able to represent the whole world even though it is impossible to do it perfectly. Then we have to change the meaning of each word.

Most people believe that they should use each word according to the dictionary. However, the meaning of each word has been changing during the human history. It is because the imaginations of majority of people have changed and this changed the meanings of certain words. Dictionaries only follow this change. So it is possible to create harmony in this world by creating a new meaning to each word.

This new meaning is created by trying to understand the whole world and the universe. If you are intelligent and want to make the world better, please try to express everything even if the meaning of certain word is different from the society and the dictionary. Do not express only yourself, your life, or your country. Then you will create conflict in the world.

2. November 2020