What is humanity?

The world is judging people with the word “Crime against Humanity” but do they know what humanity means?  You must understand the difference between life and material first. There is an idea that Artificial Intelligence is better than human brains and there are many who want to promote this idea. However, it is already treated by “Terminator” which is actually a war between humans and AI. US movies tend to show that humans have sentiments and this should be respected.This is a very dangerous idea. it is already known since thousands years by the saying,” The road to hell is paved with good intention.” Adolf Hitler was known to be a sentimental person and many dangerous people are sentimental. Many people mix up love and sentiments.

The difference between life and material is relationships. Life is relationship and the whole life is supporting one another. That is why we have to try to understand this relationship in order to maintain life on this world. Then what is the difference between human and other animals. It is imagination. Animals do not have much imagination but human activity is based on imagination. So humans can be very good or very bad according to the imagination. When we want to improve something, we are always improving our imagination regardless of our activities such as art, science, normal job, hobby, sports, etc. We have to try to improve ourselves all the time so that humanity prevails on this world. If we stop, we will go down and lose humanity.

25. june 2020