Why Aikido is not a self defence

There are two words which most people do not know the difference. One is protect and the other is defence.  

To protect means to do something so that a life or a material continues to exist without damage. You protect your smart phone with a cover. You protect yourself from virus.

To defend means to do something so that someone or some organisation can continue to exercise what they do. So you can defend human right of people. A government defend its country with the ministry of defence. The army is under the ministry of defence so its job is defence. Police job can be protection under democratic government and defence under non-democratic government.

If you want to defend something, you have to control others. Control is basically against human rights because one human being does not have a right to control others.

No right does not mean that one should not do it. A parent does not have a right to control a child but he/she can and should control a child if necessary.

When you practise Aikido technique, you tend to control Uke. Then Aikido becomes a self defence and tends to be aggressive.

You have to master a technique with the help of Uke. A Master is someone who can perform a technique perfectly. So there are masters in handcraft, art, etc. In Germany there is a Gild of masters who are keeping the traditional techniques. You must master Aikido techniques so that you can use it in order to protect your life and create a better life and the world.

21. April 2020