Why competition is not the way of life

Life is the continuation of acts. An act is an expression of oneself in a perceived environment. All lives act, but plants and animals act according to the instinct with which they are born. Human beings do not have as much instinct and they have to learn how to act. This means that human beings have the possibility to improve their acts and that is the main part of humanity.

How do human beings improve their acts? The only way is imagination and not experience. Even plants and animals can improve their acts with experience, but that improvement always comes down to a fighting way. Fighting and competition can only improve fighting acts. Plants and animals can fight because their acts are basically limited by their instincts. On the other hand, human beings can destroy the whole world and even themselves with their fighting acts. That is why improvement through competition and fighting is not the way of life.

When you practise Aikido, you always imagine the future of one second and act. The imagination of the future is the only way to improve your act in order to create a better life and a better world. When you compete or fight, you develop conditioned reflex in order to win. All conditioned reflex is based on the past and do not create a better future.That is why competition and fighting does not create the ability to make your life and the world better.

6. April 2020