Why does police violence exist?

Police violence have existed all over the world all the time. It happens when one thinks there are good people  and bad people. Most people including police think that good people make good world and bad people make bad world. So they try to educated  or punish bad people in order to create a better world.

This is the reason why people become violent. We have to deal with the total violence of humanity.

You have to see the reality of the world that most people in the world are good people and these good people are doing bad things and creating bad world. So good people should be educated so that they never do bad things. Justice in the society is necessary to prevent bad things to happen. It is important to establish a justice in the society but that is not the solution for the violence in this world.

How can good people be educated? I have been searching for it for the last 60 years of my life and  the only way I found is to help them to see their thoughts and body.

4. June 2020